SCILS offers a wide array of personal development skills to adults with intellectual disabilities to effectively educate and prepare them for independent life including money handling, and budgeting, shopping and cooking, cleaning and maintenance, personal training and utilizing public transport.
SCILS programs include In Home and Accommodation Support and Community Access programs, Recreational and Activity programs, and Social Groups.

The objectives of the SCILS’ programs are to:

• provide opportunities for people with a disability to develop skills, pursue interests and broaden their relationships.

• provide opportunities for people with a disability to make a visible and valued contribution to community activities

• promote inclusive practices

Our Mission

To actively encourage service users in a variety of interactive, experiential and instructive methods of learning essential life skills

Our Values:

Service user Focus
We are committed to a Person Centered Approach to meet the needs of our service users.

We treat all individuals with respect, courtesy, consideration and without bias or discrimination.

Compassionate Understanding
We strive to treat all individuals with compassionate understanding.

We provide a safe ‘space’ dedicated to actively listening & responding to the needs of our service users.

Our decisions, our actions, our behaviours reflect our honesty, our uprightness, and our high ethical standards.

We encourage service users and staff equally to learn, to develop skills, to be trained to enhance qualities and abilities by both formal and informal methods. We encourage innovation and strive to continuously improve our services.

We are accountable for our actions and decisions.

We develop and maintain effective working relationships with our service users, the community, stakeholders and partners.

The Objects for which the Association is established are:

(a) to support people, with a disability, their family members and their carers.

(b) to promote support services which enable people who have a disability to live independently, within their local community.

(c) to promote a framework of support which allows these people and their families to make effective decisions, while upholding their privacy, dignity and confidentiality .

(d) to ensure that the developmental needs of people are met through the provision of ongoing life skills development and involvement in community activities.

(e) to promote and advocate on behalf of people with a disability to ensure that they have access to community services and that their individual needs are met in the least restrictive way possible.

(f) to offer support and encouragement to people to participate and be included in the life of the community.

(g) to promote and uphold the legal and human rights of each person with a disability.

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Membership of management committee

(1) The management committee of the association consists of a president, treasurer, and any other members the association members elect at a general meeting.

(2) A member of the management committee, other than a secretary appointed by the management committee, must be a member of the association.

(3) At each annual general meeting of the association, the members of the management committee must retire from office, but are eligible, on nomination, for re-election.

(4) A member of the association may be appointed to a casual vacancy on the management committee.

Privacy Statement: