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Boomerang Bags Nambour

Boomerang Bags is a community driven initiative tackling plastic pollution at the grassroots level.

Boomerang Bags Nambour operates with the support of SCILS: Thank you so much ladies


Dedicated community groups, schools, businesses and volunteers get together to make re-useable “Bommerang Bags” using recycled materials as a mean to replace plastic bags.

Through Boomerang Bags; we start conversations, make friends, up-cycle materials and work towards shifting society’s throw away mentality to a more sustainable revolution of re-use, one community, needle and thread at a time!

The project relies on the time and generosity of the local community.


You can help too

1. By donating second-hand materials: cotton, linen, doona covers, thread

2. Volunteer to make bags: sewing skills not essential

3. Spread the word or get involved;



Nothing like an ice block on a hot day

A huge thank you to Ken

who “shouted” ice blocks for all – social group members and their workers

on a very warm day at Palmwoods Pool

Totally unexpected & very much appreciated.


Christmas Break Arrangements

Groups & Activities

Final Groups Support Week for the Year is:  5th December – 9th December

Groups Resume:  9th January

Holiday activities have been arranged for  Client Supported: 12th December – 6th January

Office “closes” : Friday 23rd December at 5:00pm

Service Coordinators will be in the office during “closure”:

There will be at least one coordinator on duty daily, although actual hours will be limited.

The phone will only be on answer machine mode when there is no-one in the office.

Clients / Carers are requested to leave a message on the answer machine if  shifts  need to be re-arranged


SCILS Office opens with full complement of staff:  Monday 9th January.


Sunshine Coast Marathon & Community Running Festival 19-21 August


Many SCILS Staff and Clients are taking part in the marathon event on Sunday 21st August.

We are taking spare wheelchairs for those that cannot make the distance

Please join us there and support them.

Well done everyone.

We have also been allocated a “promotions” tent at the start/finish line.

This is the perfect place to meet and greet and will be there for the 3 days of the event

Please support the staff member generously allocating their time to man the tent:

Promotional Info and a Slide Show of Photos..

Maintenance Fun

A bit of Car Detailing


An Attempt to Squeeze as Many as Possible

(A New SCILS’ record?)

into the General Manager’s (Very Small) Car

Christmas Office Hours

Group Activities:

Final Support Week for the Year :   15th Dec – 19th Dec

Activities Resume:  12th January


Office “closes”:  19th December @ 2:00pm

Office will operate on “minimal” staff

Office “opens” with full compliment of staff: 5th January 2015