Full time in home support is generally a 24 hour/ 7 day a week support service for individuals or groups of co-tenants with a disability living within their own home or rented public or private housing.

We provide support to our clients to enable them to live within the community, supporting all areas of their daily lives.

Clients are supported to be responsible for all aspects of their personal living expenses, such as rent or costs associated with home ownership, household costs, utilities, and all other personal expenses. Tenancy agreements are established in the client’s name(s), and they and their decision makers are responsible for all tenancy obligations including furnishing their home. We support our clients and their families / advocates to manage these processes.

Our Clients are encouraged and supported to function as independently as possible, having maximum involvement in the running of their home. Each person is supported to access the community from their home as much as possible within available resources, and their individual ability.

People accessing SCILS’ Accommodation Support services have access to additional supports including:

• complex support advice

• robust complaints and abuse management systems

• planning and assessment supports

• advocacy and referral

• case management for complex medical and ageing supports issues

• options to access a range of group supports offered by SCILS.