Disability Services & Support

Accommodation Support

SCILS provides support and accommodation management services, that are responsive to individual values, preferences and expressed needs of the residents with a strong emphasis on the creation of a home. We work to ensure people with a disability have the opportunities of an ordinary life.

We provide a range of accommodation supports to people to encourage their independence and choices.

Attendant & Personal Care

Drop-In Individual Support in home: Adults & Children

Full-time in Home Accommodation Support (Shared/Group Home)

If you would like more information, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Community Access

This program assists young people and adults living with a disability to identify personal goals, develop plans for the future and access their full potential. It includes a range of recreational and social activities, as well as support in developing living skills and integrating with their community.

Qualified Direct Support Professionals, working in conjunction with the individual’s Service Coordinator facilitate this program by providing support either individually or in groups within a number of settings:

  • In the local community
  • Within our purpose built centre
  • In their own home

These activities assist people with disabilities to meaningfully engage with socially valued activities in their community, which in turn enables the person with a disability to participate in the normal life of their local community.

When people with disabilities are appropriately supported to engage in these activities, people experience a sense of belonging and have a sense of control over their lives. We believe a person’s self image is improved through their achievement of personal goals and as a result of their participation in social networks.

Learning & Lifestyle

Support For Young People Leaving School

Group Activities and Programs

Recreation and Holiday Programs


Flexible Respite

Flexible Respite is focused on assisting a person to live their life to the fullest, in a range of activities which the person enjoys and which will naturally result in them spending time away from carers.

SCILS’ Flexible Respite program promotes opportunities for community participation, life skills development and assists the client to strengthen links to the community

Flexible respite support will encompass a variety of respite and respite effect supports to meet the young person’s and their family’s identified needs and preferences. These may include:

Learning and life skills development: Learning & Lifestyle

Recreational and holiday programs: Recreation and Holiday Programs

Community access and social supports

Own home respite

People accessing SCILS’ Flexible Respite Support services have access to additional supports including:

• planning and assessment supports

• advocacy and referral

• options to access a range of group supports offered by SCILS.