The idea behind the mural:


“We would like it (the mural) to lift people up,” said Helen M, a member of the SCILS Creations Group…so the group painted trees, flowers and other aspects of nature while brainstorming what they would like to see in the mural.  Inspired by a love of light, colour, space and the peacefulness of nature, the mural has distant mountains to draw the eye and expand the room and a huge tree in the foreground to incorporate posts and to add vibrant colour.  Autumn leaves symbolize the natural letting go of the old and worn out in preparation for new growth and inspiring creations – nature continually changing helps us to be calm, to look at things differently, to process, and even to create change.


While the mural backdrop is more or less finished, this will be a continually changing work of art.  Already the group has started adding folded paper butterflies made from recycled materials.  We will add a collage of leaves and expect to see the mural change over time as complementary pieces produced by clients, staff and anyone who feels inspired are hung for awhile and then taken down again to be replaced by other creations.  We are also toying with the idea of adding a fantasy board where anyone who would like to can pick up a pencil and add to a picture that everyone is creating together.


“I like it,” said Anneliese L. and it was apparent from the beaming faces and serious interest that the SCILS Creations Group and other SCILS clients loved the artists coming to spend time with them.  The group enjoyed watching artists at work and were inspired to start painting the first canvases that will be added to the mural surround.


The artists were also very grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with the Creations Group.  Maryann O’Flynn wrote,


“I love art and colour, when Michelle asked if I would like to be involved in painting the wall I was happy to oblige. It was a nice opportunity to meet the SCILS community and bring some colour into their lives.

I’m currently studying my cert 3 in learning support so I can work in the disability sector at schools.

I’m an author of picture books and I also have recently retired from nursing.

I have a precious 7 year old grandson Miller who has a rare disease, he now has many physical disabilities. He is a joyous addition to our family.


Thank you for trusting us with your space. “ 


and Patti Henderson…


“A chance meeting with a lady when we were both buying art supplies encouraged me to introduce myself to Michelle.

As Michelle talked about her work, her passion and enthusiasm inspired me and I wondered if I could also contribute in some way.  When Michelle told me of her plans for the mural and offered me the opportunity to be part of it, I jumped at the chance!

To be part of this amazing transformation has been a great honour, working with Michelle and Maryanne and watching them perform magic with paint……inspirational!!

I am sure this beautiful mural will bring feelings of hope, joy and happiness to all who have the pleasure of viewing it.”


Hopefully, we have created a more open, colourful and inspiring space for everyone who uses the activity room.  Thank you to everyone worked together and shared their time, energy, support and skills during this collaboration.  As Will E. from the Creations Group said, “It is a wonderful mural”…in so many ways.


SCILS Creations Group Members: Helen M., Patricia G., Anneliese L., Emily J., Rosie R., Chris G., Sarah H., Kerrie C., Ann F. and Will E..

Volunteer artists from the local community: Maryanne O’Flynn, Patti Henderson and Michelle Rommel

Materials provided (at significant discount): Lanhams Hardware, Nambour.


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