Our Management

Lisa Boase

Lisa Boase


A highly-motivated leader, I possess extensive experience in driving operational change across a diverse range of industries. My passion for providing solutions and achieving outcomes is a significant contributor to my successes. Recognising that people are the core of sustainable outcomes, I am adept at gaining buy-in of all stakeholders to drive change. My success in this regard stems from my exceptional communicative abilities, which allow me to create a narrative that outlines the benefits of change for all parties. 

Our Board

The Sunshine Coast Independent Living Service operates as a company limited by guarantee. 

The responsibilities of our Board encompass:

  • Defining the necessary direction to achieve the organisation’s strategic objectives.
  • Offering guidance to our management, staff, and volunteers through our Vision, Mission, and Values.

Aligned with our mission, vision, and values, our Strategic Plan is dedicated to providing a diverse range of individualised services and supports. These aim to empower consumers of aged care and disability services, enhancing their independence and quality of life. Serving as a dynamic roadmap, this plan outlines our commitment to delivering individualised, person-centred care and emphasises our unwavering focus on sustainable outcomes. It encapsulates our dedication to advancing the well-being of those we support, with strategic pillars focused on Consumers, Workforce, Systems, and Sustainability, charting a clear path forward to realise our vision.

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