Host Provider


The Host Provider service of Sunshine Coast Independent Living Service is managed at arm’s length from the traditional service provisions offered by Sunshine Coast Independent Living Service and is known as “SCILS for You”.

SCILS for You  offers and delivers a model of Self Directed Support that is flexible and responsive to each person’s preference across the Spectrum of Self Directed Support reflecting the Your Life Your Choice Framework; and in so doing the person and/or family can self-direct their supports to a level that they are comfortable with, and purchase coordination support if they require.


Options Offered:

  • The person accepts full responsibility for the planning, budgeting and organising of their support, and where the Funding is advanced to the person’s bank account.
  • The person accepts most of the responsibilities for the planning and organising of their support. The remainder is purchased, and where funding may be advanced, reimbursed or held by the service provider.
  • The Person accepts some of the responsibilities for planning, budgeting and organising their support. Additional support in these areas is purchased.



Under the principals of self-directed support, people and/or families are encouraged to do their own planning. However, people do not always feel that they have the skill, experience or confidence to do planning themselves. SCILS has been working with person centred tools for many years, and are committed to Person Centred Approach to meet the needs of its service users, that plans are unique to their circumstances, and that people and/or families are in control of the process.

If a person needs help with their planning, we at SCILS can help utilising our “I am” planning program, or the PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope) planning tool, or alternatively provide resources to help them develop their own plans, or assist the person to connect with others who can provide them with planning support, in so doing promote personal choice and control

As a host provider SCILS for You will assist a person to plan broadly for the things they want to achieve, and then detail what they want to buy with their disability funding to achieve their plan, ensuring that a person’s purchases are related to what Disability Services has assessed for them. This will become a component of the agreement between SCILS for You and the person.


Supporting Changes in Capacity

Capacity building is a way of working with people to develop their ability to jointly influence what happens and what supports are required. Practical advice on planning, building, sustaining, monitoring and evaluating for anyone involved in planning supports and service capacity will be readily available if required. A central part of capacity building is supporting individuals and families to influence decisions that affect them.


Initial Consultation – Contact

1 hour free initial consultation to persons interested in engaging with SCILS for You: this provides for an initial assessment as to whether we are the appropriate provider