Learning & Lifestyle

Learning & Lifestyle support services use a person-centred support model to enhance the independence, confidence, self-esteem, interaction skills and life choices of each person. It provides support where people can access a range of learning programs, as well as recreational and social activities.


SCILS’ provides adaptable and flexible programs, actively engaging with people to help them to identify and express their needs and goals. Our staff engage with individuals to learn what is important to each person and work together to develop a personalised plan. This plan is flexible to change as the individual’s needs, interests and choices change. Our highly skilled, qualified staff and volunteers are matched to meet individual needs.


We provide opportunities designed to continually increase each person’s potential for everyday participation in the local community. Learning & Lifestyle engages people in the community to build relationships and become an active participant in the community.


We utilise assistive technologies where appropriate to assist people to clearly communicate their choices and preferences. We provide access to learning through individualised programs, and the use of smart technology such as iPads which increase opportunities for meaningful communication and learning. We also support families in adopting technology.