Support for Young People Leaving School

SCILS supports people with a disability to develop their skills as they transition into their post-school lives.

We work with each person and their family or decision makers to develop flexible, practical options that enable skill development and participation in new opportunities. We supply the tools for young people and their families to support their transition from school as they plan for the future.

Support options include:

  • life skills training
  • community access-based support
  • support to transition to work
  • centre-based support
  • future planning
  • assistance for family and decision makers to support a young person’s transition from school
  • social and recreational supports
  • high and complex support, advice and planning
  • any other supports that are appropriate and as desired.

SCILS support people in a range of ways to achieve their goals. Support can be provided individually or in a group, either within the community, any of our Education Services, at a centre-based Learning & Lifestyle, or any combination that suits the person.