On Track Collaboration

Over the last 2 years, five disability service organisations in the Nambour area have been working together to develop more opportunities for people with disability and their families.
Parent to Parent, SPIRAL, SCILS, Equity Works and Inclusion Plus have formed a Co-operative – the “On Track Co-op”. Partners have:
• collaborated to lower the cost of training staff
• sought ways of bulk buying to lower costs
• developed a Performing Arts initiative and
• are working together to redevelop a community facility in Nambour

“Creekside” Nambour
In late March, the Government released for sale the old Namtec building at 29 Mathew Street in Nambour (near Quota Park, next door to the “Pumphouse” and around the corner from Nambour Primary and High School). In April, Equity Works and Inclusion Plus put a deposit down on the property and have begun planning with On Track Co-op partners to:
• develop one of the front sections of the building into “Creekside Café” (hopefully Council will approve). We’ve chosen the name “Creekside Café” to reflect its proximity to Petrie Creek,
• create two large areas for meeting space and training facilities,
• create a large activity space at the rear of the building,
• transform the top floor into modern office space for Equity Works.

Partners are planning to:
• provide opportunities in the Café for people with disability to be trained in hospitality,
• host community events at Creekside and provide another option for people to sit in a relaxed environment near the park and the creek,
• offer a range of activities including school holiday programs for children with disability and week day programs for young adults with disability.
History of the Building, Opportunities and Challenges
The building was constructed in its present form in the early 1960s and was most recently the home of Namtec, a youth training and education centre. NAMTEC built a commercial kitchen in order to train young people in hospitality and repaired cars and built Go-Karts in the rear section of the building. Their offices were located upstairs. They vacated two years ago and the building has been unused since.
The great challenge we face is the periodic flooding that the building undergoes. Occasionally, the flood goes right through to the back, possibly more than half a metre (almost 2 feet). We’re readying ourselves for inundation up to 3 times a year but there’ll be some years where there is no flooding.
On the plus side, the building is just across the road from Quota Park, which has an extensive childrens’ playground and a large grassy area.
We are hoping that the “Creekside Café” will create opportunities for people with disability to learn some new cooking skills and, if they’re interested, to undertake training in cooking, coffee making and other café related roles. We know that similar social enterprises in Nundah and Aspley have provided job opportunities for people either in the business itself or in other businesses that are seeking workers with hospitality skills.
If you’d like to know more about Creekside, the On Track Co-op or our Theatre Restaurant idea, contact:
Heather at SPIRAL on 5476 2711, Paul at SCILS on 5441 7278, Jodi at Parent to Parent on 5472 7072, Tracy at Equity Works on 5441 2122 or Peter at Inclusion Plus on 5441 6600

Mountain Creek State High School

Mountain Creek State High School has an innovative and highly regarded special education program for students with disabilities.  Located within the school community, this program operates from a modern purpose-built facility known as the SKILL Centre.

Two fundamental principles guide the SKILL Centre’s delivery of support services:

Developing the personal independence of students though individualised support and guidance.

Encouraging students to use their independence skills to reach their individual potential at school and beyond.

The CATAPULT Program – an innovative and award-winning partnership that brings together a wide range of industry experts to work cooperatively towards a single goal – to support the transition of students with disabilities from high school to a sustainable and engaged post-schooling future. Students have opportunities to sample or commence work experience, traineeships, part-time employment, tertiary education, lifestyle and learning programs, and other pathway options before they leave school.

Nambour Special School

Nambour Special School’s STEP Program (Supporting Transition through Engaging Partnerships) delivers transition focussed education to students in their final two years of school. The STEP Program curriculum focusses on meeting individual needs through and EARN or LEARN Pathway. Students enrolled in the STEP Program have a SETPLAN that drives the school curriculum and ensures that individual student goals are met. The SETPLAN provides a coordinated response by school and community partners to provide appropriate transition opportunities for students in the Transition Phase of their education.

Nambour Special School has developed close relationships with a number of community agencies to ensure the needs of all students are met. The community partners are as follows

Nambour Community Centre

Nambour Community Centre’s activities are inspired by a vision in which people experience healthy relationships and create sustainable communities that are safe & just.

The Centre works with community members (individuals, families & groups) to assist in establishing & strengthening their formal & informal sources of support and collaboration within the community.

Funding Supporters

Nambour Community Centre is a community based not for profit organisation whose activities are partially resourced and supported by Queensland Department of Communities, Multicultural Affairs Queensland, Sunshine Coast Council and Commonwealth Department of Family, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.

 Underlying Values and Principles

  • Community Involvement
  • Working For Reconciliation
  • Celebrating Cultural Diversity
  • Connecting & Belonging
  • Empowerment
  • Development
  • Mutual Partnerships
  • Knowledge, Education & Training
  • Responsiveness
  • Transparency & Accountability
  • Pro-activity: Working with a focus on prevention and early intervention within the community.
  • Instigating projects that focus on building social capital within the community.
  • Sustainability: Creating sustainable outcomes in the maintenance of the cultural, economic, physical and social wellbeing of people and communities in order to reduce the need for ongoing service delivery.
  • Social Justice: Working to eliminate inequity and disadvantage in our society to create fairer and more just outcomes.

Community Services and Activities

  • Information & referral
  • Psychology and self-help book community library
  • Thriving Families – Family support program, playgroup & volunteer family support
  • Community Development projects
  • Friends Meeting Friends group
  • Community education / workshops
  • Micro finance group
  • Cultural Connections – Multicultural community development
  • Community Events
  • Various support groups based on community aspirations & need.

 Cultural Connections

Cultural Connections is a Community Development Program with people from diverse cultural background. The NCC Community Development Program links people and groups together to help build our local community.We support groups and activities and seek to address issues that are of concern in the community. Phone the centre or drop in if you have an local matter to discuss.

Information & Referral Services

We can provide general and community information as well as refer you to support groups, community organisations and human service providers on the coast and state wide. Phone us if you’d like more information or email through our contact page.

Cultural Connections

What is Cultural Connections?

Cultural Connections provides opportunities for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to:

  • Connect with others
  • Develop skills
  • Engage in community and government processes

Cultural Connections will also:

  • Work with people from CALD backgrounds and volunteers from the wider community to develop ongoing projects, which respond to specific needs and interests of people from CALD backgrounds within the Sunshine Coast Region.
  • Work to build bridges within the wider community
  • Celebrate the rich cultural heritage that exists on the Sunshine Coast.


Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre

Maroochy Neigbourhood Centre is a  community organisation where services are provided to connect people with their community in a friendly, accessible and respectful environment.

The values and principles under which we operate are:

Empowerment and participation of all members of the community.

Respect for people as individuals, regardless of background.

Equality and Equity

Access to services and information that adequately meet needs within the community.

Public health and safety.

Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre is a link between individual needs, and community resources, within the Sunshine Coast Region of Queensland. Services provided by the Centre are:

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT – Assisting individuals and communities reach their potential and create connections. Programs include:

Community Garden- consisting of raised garden beds which members of the community can rent and grow their own produce for a nominal fee.

Cooking Club- Like minded individuals getting together on a regular basis to socialise and cook nutritious and affordable meals together. All cooking takes place in a licenced kitchen which is also available to hire!

Blokes ‘Chat & Chew’ Kitchen- Trying to teach an old dog new tricks? Blokes cooking may be the answer!!!

FREE Community Dinner.
Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre in partnership with REAP Food Rescue are providing sit down free meal to members of the community who are homeless, or struggling to feed their family on a regular basis every Tuesday night from 5:00pm to 6:30pm. Come and enjoy a freshly prepared meal and a chat. All meals are prepared in our own licensed kitchen. Entry is via back of the Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre.

Community Seedling Nursery: Selling Seedlings and fresh Herbs direct to the public. All produce is grown using certified organic seeds, organic principles in an open air, pesticide & herbicide free environment

FAMILY SUPPORT; assisting families experiencing difficulties to connect with their community, and strengthen familial bonds. The Family Support Program provides practical and/or emotional support to local families experiencing difficulties and to help parents feel more confident and connect them successfully with their community.

Maroochy Occasional Care Service: Child Care Service

We provide many other services at Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre including:

KEIHS program- Keys for Early Intervention in Homelessness Services


ROOM HIRES- for workshops/events etc

And so much more!! Pop in and see us if you would like any further information on any of our services and programs