About Us

Sunshine Coast Independent Living Service provides a range of flexible tailored services to people with a disability to promote their independence.

We support our customers to develop independence in the community and the confidence and resilience to adjust to the changes of everyday life. 

Our services are uniquely designed to the individual requirements of every customer. Just as no two people are the same, we believe in making our services the best fit for our customers rather than making them fit into pre-existing ‘boxes’.

Provider Number 4050021684

ID 4-433c-1741

Our Vision

To support people with a disability to access and connect with their local community and live as independently as possible.

Our Mission

To support people with a disability to develop skills for life by providing flexible, tailored personal development services that foster independence, confidence & resilience.

Our Values

Our core values underpin the quality service we deliver to every customer:


Compassionate Understanding